September 2019 to Febuary 2020


Fri 13 - Sat 14 Sep 2019

The Worthy Players

Tue 24 - Sat 28 Sep 2019


Shelley by Helen Edmundson

Thu 26 - Sat 28 Sep 2019

Bishopstoke Players

Sat 28 Sep - Sat 5 Oct 2019

Chesil Theatre

In Praise of Love by Terence Rattigan and Norma York

Fri 18 - Sat 19 Oct 2019


London Suite by Neil Simon

Thu 24 - Sat 26 Oct 2019

Chameleon Theatre

My Husband's Nuts by Devon Williamson

Sat 16 - Sat 23 Nov 2019

Chesil Theatre

Rumours By Neil Simon

Tue 19 - Sat 23 Nov 2019

Cheriton Players

Diamonds are For Trevor by Simon Tytherleigh and Roger Mortimer, adapted by Helena Gomm

Fri 17 - Sat 26 Jan 2020

Chameleon Theatre

Atlantis - The Panto by Paul Reakes

Fri 25 Jan - Sun 2 Feb 2020

Chesil Theatre

Ghosts By Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Richard Eyre

Friday 13th to Saturday 14th September 2019

The Worthy Players presents
Radio Variety Show

Another thrilling adventure with Richard Kings-Barton the dashing private detective and the case of the Bronze Mound, will he save the City and more importantly himself? Are Snowy and Jock still using the same accents? Will the sound effects be even better this time? And will Fiona ever get her man? Keep listening to find out.

Along with a cornucopia of music, comedy, sketches about golf, meetings and weddings, just to name a few - there will also be more news items, factoids, the shipping forecast - all as you’ve never heard before.

A fun packed evening with audience participation, all broadcast to the listening masses – only in the Jubilee Hall.

And the second half is even better as you will have been able to get to the bar in the interval!

Tuesday 24th to Saturday 28th September 2019

RAODS presents
by Helen Edmundson

Frankenstein is one of the most famous horror stories. But what is the story of the woman who wrote it?
Mary Shelley - the daughter of the first feminist, and a political philosopher - is destined to become a free-thinker and terrific creative force in the male-dominated society of the 1800's. The play centres on 16-year-old Mary as she meets charismatic poet Shelley – and from there covers two momentous years in Mary’s early life. It follows her tempestuous relationships with her father and step-sisters, and her experiences in a war-ravaged Europe. Above all, this is a love story, and an account of the the creation of the darkest literary character of all time. Do not miss this unique production!
Ages 10+
Adult themes

Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September 2019

Bishopstoke Players presents
Inspector Drake and the Time Machine
by David Tristram

Inspector Drake and the Time Machine. He’s back!!! After the hilarious “Inspector Drake and the Black Widow”, performed back in 2013, Inspector Drake and his hapless sidekick return to investigate the mysterious case of a missing professor. His dead body is found floating weightlessly in the study, his daughter has vanished, and everything points to the mysterious Time Machine. Can the intrepid Inspector Drake, ably hampered by Sergeant Plod, solve the crime of the century? The 30th century that is? Fasten your seat belts for a comedy that’s way ahead of its time!

As with all Bishopstoke Players’ productions, proceeds will be donated to the charity Action for Children. The running time for this production is expected to be approximately 1 hour 30 minutes including interval.

This amateur production of “Inspector Drake and the Time Machine” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD a Concord Theatricals Company.

Saturday 28th September to Saturday 5th October 2019

Chesil Theatre presents
In Praise of Love
by Terence Rattigan and Norma York

A moving story of veiled emotions. Lydia is shielding her husband from the knowledge that she is dying but in fact he knows and is trying to protect her. Will either of them confess the truth? Inspired by the real life relationship between actors Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall.

Friday 18th to Saturday 19th October 2019

SUP presents
London Suite
by Neil Simon

Directed by Richard Cox
A suite of comedies set in the same suite of a deluxe London hotel
> In Settling Accounts, the suite is occupied by a drunk writer who is holding his long-time business manager, caught absconding with his money, at gunpoint.
> A widow and her daughter take over the suite in Going Home. At the daughter's insistence, mother spends her last evening in London with a rich Scotsman...
> In The Man on the Floor, a married couple lose their Wimbledon tickets - and are about to lose their suite to Kevin Costner who absolutely must have it now.
> The evening ends with Diana and Sidney: an Oscar-winning actress and her bisexual ex-husband meet for the first time since divorcing years ago.

Tickets £12 / Concessions £10.50 / Group ticket available - NO BOOKING FEES

Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th October 2019

Chameleon Theatre presents
My Husband's Nuts
by Devon Williamson

Barbara's husband Jack is missing. Jack, a local farmer and living legend in the community, is due to open the County Fair in three days' time. When he finally returns he is a nervous wreck, convinced he is someone else. Barbara's husband is nuts.

With just days to go, she has only three people she can trust to help restore Jack's mind. Can it be done without medical help... or common sense?

Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd November 2019

Chesil Theatre presents
By Neil Simon

The master of modern farce takes a group of well-heeled Home Counties party-goers and plunges them into a crazy masquerade, where a scandal must be avoided at all cost. The essential comedic elements are all present from mistaken identity to doomed deceptions, masterly inventions to brilliant one-liners. The mad-cap plot twists and turns before careering closer to its hilarious ending.

Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd November 2019

Cheriton Players presents
Diamonds are For Trevor
by Simon Tytherleigh and Roger Mortimer, adapted by Helena Gomm

A Bond spoof, Cheriton Players’ autumn production will involve a mixture of filmed material and stage acting, thus breaking new ground for us and an exciting challenge for cast and crew!

HM the Queen and one of her corgis, Tinky Winky, have been abducted, and MI6 have received a ransom video from an anonymous kidnapper with a suspiciously familiar mop of strange orange hair. Unless the Koh-i-Noor diamond is handed over, the Queen and the corgi are toast. This is clearly a job for Bond, but 007 is out on the tiles and his phone is answered by his hapless brother Trevor, who has always fancied having a go at this secret agent business. There are car chases, underwater scenes (just about) and the villains’ lair is blown up just as Trevor hustles Queen and corgi to freedom.

Friday 17th to Saturday 26th January 2020

Chameleon Theatre presents
Atlantis - The Panto
by Paul Reakes

When Surpia, the Sorceress, invades the fabulous undersea kingdom of Atlantis, she is annoyed to find that the baby Princess Coral has been taken away to safety. After searching for twenty years, she finds her in the seaside village of Portaloo, where Coral has been adopted by Florrie Flotsam as her daughter, Faye.

When Surpia kidnaps Faye, Florrie and her family, together with the handsome Lord Valentine (who has fallen in love with Faye) and Captain Capstan, set sail to rescue her. Surpia uses all her evil powers to thwart them but somehow the motley crew manage to evade the perils.

A fantasy adventure story, full of thrills, laughter and songs.

Friday 25th January to Sunday 2nd February 2020

Chesil Theatre presents
By Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Richard Eyre

Suspended in an emotional void after the death of her cruel but outwardly charming husband, Helene Alving is determined to escape the ghosts of her past by telling her son the truth about his father; but is it already too late?